Dear Friends,

here I am in Beijing, China…my first stop in China where I gave a two day course and we had aproximately 200 doctores(as you can see in the picture). The theme of the course was “Face Philosophy in Everyday Clinical Practice”. It was well recieved and the most important aspect was that there were more than 40 professors from the universities in Beijing and surrounding cities(Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoing, Heilong, Jiang).

The feedback was fantastic and in fact have been asked to come back to give a two year course in a Beijing University.

We took advantage of our trip to visit our boy Chomin who works and lives in Beijing. Today I am on my way to Chengdu where I give another two day course. This is my second trip to Chengdu and hope to see my friends and colleagues. The food in Chengdu is famous for being very very spicy…wish my stomach luck!!!