After working for a few weeks it was back to the airport and once again with my good friend and periodontist Iñigo Sada and off to Liverpool, England where we gave a one day lecture on Orthodontics and Periodontics to the Dawson Academy UK.

Iñigo and me have been working now for more than twenty years and as you can imagine we have hundred of cases treated and we are now starting to share our material since we can now show cases 10 and 15 years post treatment and this makes what we present much more powerful. Also it is so nice to be able to present cases together and where each gives the information pertinent to each case from an orthodontic or periodontic perspective. I really feel that the doctors learn much more and the information we give is more precise. It is a real pleasure to present together and both of us enjoy ourselves tremendously when we present side by side.

However we must not forget “work hard play hard” the next day after the lecture we listened to other lectures at the academy and that afternoon we played 18 holes of golf with our british friends and had a great time. The next day we were invited to the British Open Golf Championship and both Iñigo and myself followed Sergio García, Ricky Fowler and  Tiger Woods. What an experience !!! To watch professionals is another world….that night we had a wonderful british dinner at a pub and the next day… back home.

Dr.Sada & Dr.Martín