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Adina Maria Toparcean (ROMANIA)

Adina Maria Toparcean (ROMANIA)

I will start by thanking so much Dr. Martin for giving me the chance to visit his office and for the opportunity of seeing how everything is really done here.

I am really impressed with how everything is so well organized and how everybody is so serious and gives all their best interest in tracking every single case.

First of all i have to say that i admire Dr. Domingo for all patience and for the fact that he takes a lot of time to analise every phase of treatment. I do believe that small things make the difference and he pays attention to all the details, that is why the cases are astonishing.
I was also impressed that everybody else in the office knows exactly what they need to do and they work really hard for having the best results.

And i do think that the one thing that makes a great difference for this office is that Dr. Martin also fixed the time to talk to his patients, also about their problems, achievements, etc, wich is admiring.
Thank you again for the opportunity of visiting your office and for finding time to talk to us about me many times!

I really don’t know how you do it!

Thanks also to all the staff members for supporting us! 🙂

Adina Toparcean

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