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Agata Niżankowska-Jędrzejczyk (POLAND)

Agata Niżankowska-Jędrzejczyk (POLAND)

My stay in your office was a fantastic experience. The atmosphere is so nice and everybody is so friendly, willing to answer all questions despite the fact they have a lot of wole to do.
I was impressed by Domingo’s attitude toward his patients – he treats them as they all were so dear to him.
I’ve learned a lot and I found incredible the way the called all the data -all the photos and documentation are just perfect (despite a bit of saliva on photos from time to time 🙂 )
It’s so uncommon to see a patient for a control after 10-14 years after treatment -of course stable and in this office it happens regularly.
For a 1st time in my life I’ve seen somebody explaining everything to patient/parents (f.ex treatment plan) in such do easy way to understand using drawings Domingo is making in front of them and showing short films he does his best so they could understand the way the treatment will take place and last but not least -no rush in the office- they work in a way they can spend as much time as needed with a patient, giving him/her all the necesary care. If I was obliged to describe the office in one word it would be “perfection” and in two: “perfection” and “stable condylar position” 🙂

Thank you Domingo! and thank you Teresa & Amaia!

Agata Niżankowska-Jędrzejczyk
Cracow (POLAND)

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