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Dr. Domingo Martin

·        BA, University of Southern California
·        Doctor from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao
·        Stomatologist from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao
·        Specialist in Orthodontics from the University of Valencia (Dr. José Canut)
·        Roth Diploma -Williams Functional Occlusion San Francisco 1991-93
·        Diploma Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry, Oregon 1993-95
·        Active member and former president of the Angle Society of Europe
·        Juan Carol SEDO Award 1991
·        President of the SEDO Meeting 2000 in San Sebastián
·        Full Member of the European Society of Orthodontics
·        Director Roth-Williams Functional Spain and Portugal
·        Current Co-Director of the Roth-Williams International Society of Orthodontics.
·        Visiting Professor - International University of Catalonia - Barcelona-Department of Orthodontics
·        Visiting Professor - Complutense University of Madrid- Department of Orthodontics and Periodontics
·        He has given conferences and courses in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, England, Austria, Israel, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, India, China, Turkey,  United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and USA
·        He currently works as an exclusive orthodontist in San Sebastián

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