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Extra Quality Universul Holographic Michael Talbot Pdf 13


universul holographic michael talbot pdf 13

Lectures in Europe and Australia are very affordable and available to every student. Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images created with coherent light. But not all images that appear three-dimensional are holograms. Some images are completely fictional, created only in our minds. They are not the product of any physical process. In fact, some people think they are psychic and part of an overlapping of one's consciousness with the nonphysical. However, some physical processes can be used to create three-dimensional images. When a laser beam is focused into a glass or plastic object, it heats the surface at that point and the object is said to be holographic. It appears that when light hits the surface of the object, its energy is not all absorbed by the object, but is partially scattered back. The light that returns is now spread out over the surface of the object so that it, too, appears as though it is three-dimensional. Objects that are completely transparent may also appear three-dimensional when illuminated by coherent light. But with these latter objects, the image is still quite limited. Only a small part of the light is scattered back. Because the light returns to the object only from the very surface that it has touched, most of the surface is dark. Holographic light in the laboratory Although there are two major differences between the two kinds of holographic images, they may appear similar. In both cases, the object is illuminated by a laser beam that travels in the direction of the image. In the second case, the laser beam is not fully absorbed by the object but is scattered to the. At the same time the scattering process causes energy that is contained in the laser beam to return to the surface of the object. The returned energy is scattered again over the surface and as it does so, it is focused by the lens that is directed at the surface. The light that is scattered back causes the surface of the object to appear as though it is three-dimensional, and to provide a bright image in a dark background. It is this bright image that is the holographic image. Holographic light in the nature world Many animals in the world create three-dimensional images. They appear to view them in the dark. Some animals make holograms for camouflage, such as the iridescent scales of butterflies and peacocks and the iridescent shells of many molluscs. For example, a number of mollus

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Extra Quality Universul Holographic Michael Talbot Pdf 13

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