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12 + 2 Reasons
to choose us


With 40 years of experience, the Martín Goenaga Clinic offers excellent orthodontic treatment based on a diagnosis of the entire craniofacial system.

The patient is much more than just teeth. In our diagnosis we take into account teeth, periodontal structures, muscles, cervical structures, temporomandibular joint, etc.

The Martín Goenaga clinic is made up of 4 orthodontists, all of them with accredited postgraduate degrees in orthodontics (3 more years of specialized training after the degree) and directed by Dr.  Domingo Martín whose fame as an orthodontist is recognized internationally.

1st 40 years
from experience

The Martín Goenaga clinic has been in Plaza Bilbao in San Sebastián for 40 years; the city center. Nothing makes us happier than being able to see our patients many years later with stable results over time and also with a healthy mouth; that is, without dental wear, gum recessions, pain in the temporomandibular joint, etc.

The secret is to achieve, in addition to a beautiful smile, a correct way of biting and engaging the teeth, with the jaw joint in the correct position.

3rd As if they were my children

One of the phrases that Dr. Martín repeats the most in the consultation is that of, "I treat my patients as if they were my children", and this has been demonstrated throughout all these years. He always defends the interests of the patient above all else.

2º You will be attended by specialists in orthodontics

Today any dentist can do orthodontics without having an additional university / hospital accreditation in orthodontics. At the Martín Goenaga clinic we all have 3 years of accreditation as ORTHODONTISTS, guaranteeing that they will always be attended by an exclusive orthodontist. The team is led by the prestigious Dr. Domingo Martin whose fame extends inside and outside of Spain.

4th Personalized attention

We like to spend time with each visit always based on our treatment goals. We believe that in an orthodontic appointment of just 15 minutes, we cannot provide the quality that the patient deserves. The main reason for us is the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.

5th orthodontics is something more
than just align teeth

In our clinic we find more and more patients requesting orthodontic treatment for the second and third time. The main reason this happens is because the previous treatments only cared about your teeth.


At the Martín Goenaga clinic, your treatment, thanks to an exhaustive diagnosis, will take into account the teeth, joints, muscles, cervical structures, etc. We deal with all your problems; tooth position, joint pain, respiratory problems, chewing problems and aesthetics of the facial structures.

6th cutting-edge technology

To get our diagnosis right, we don't skimp on technology. Thanks to the introduction of the digital world, in our clinic we no longer need to take molds.

In addition, thanks to these advances, today we are able to diagnose in 4D, we record the patient's way of biting, chewing and jaw movements. All this helps us to obtain an excellent diagnosis and an effective treatment, and therefore helps us to… Reduce treatment times!

Hermosa sonrisa
7º Your oral health
It is important
for us

From the beginning we care about the hygiene of your mouth. We never start a treatment without making sure your mouth is in optimal condition. In addition, throughout the treatment we are aware of your hygiene and we check the mouth continuously to prevent lesions such as cavities or gum inflammation from appearing.

8th Collaboration with other specialists

On many occasions, in order to obtain an optimal result and obtain all the treatment objectives that are fundamental for us, it is essential to work together with other specialists. At the Martín Goenaga clinic, all interdisciplinary treatment will be directed by us.

Nubes oscuras
Nubes oscuras
9th We take care of your temporomandibular joint

Without going too deep into the anatomy, one knows that the teeth and the temporomandibular joint go hand in hand and that is why we see so many patients with joint problems. We have been providing short and long-term solutions to these types of problems for more than 35 years.

10th Budget closed

In our practice there are no surprises, our budgets are closed for the duration of your treatment and also with the best payment facilities.

11th We are waiting for you 365 days

 We never abandon you, we have an emergency service at the clinic 365 days a year.  Also during your treatment you can send photos to the orthodontists, showing them your progress in the treatment or any questions that may arise in this regard.

12th What our patients say
of us

The opinion of our patients is very important to us, hence at the end of the treatment we always ask our patients to rate us by filling in a satisfaction survey. This helps us to improve day by day.

13th Excellent location

Not only are we in the center of the city, but we are also one step away from the San Sebastián bus and train station and one step away from the Buen Pastor car park and the San Martín market car park. Take the opportunity to take your children to the orthodontist and being close to the main shops, you can run your errands.

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