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Adolescents and Adults


Orthodontic treatment offers several benefits for the appearance and function of your smile. Orthodontic treatment is not limited to straightening your teeth. While correcting the appearance of your smile, orthodontics can create better function and improve your overall health. In the  Martín Goenaga Clinic  Your dental needs will be assessed through the use of modern digital images. Drs. Martín, Aznar and Arias will evaluate and diagnose your case and then design a personalized treatment plan.

In the  Martín Goenaga Clinic   We focus on comprehensive dental care, to make sure your teeth are in the ideal position for oral function and jaw joint health. When teeth don't fit properly, other dental problems can arise. By improving the precision of your bite, we will improve the function of the jaw, help to  good gum health and chewing efficiency. The result will be a beautiful smile that can offer lifelong benefits.

Our patients are truly our highest priority. Our mission is to provide excellent patient service  in a compassionate, professional and fun environment. Drs. Martín, Aznar and Arias  and our courteous staff will do everything possible to make sure you receive the highest quality orthodontic care.

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