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Invisible orthodontics

Reasons to use invisible orthodontics

Patients around the world enjoy the benefits of  Invisible orthodontics offering simplicity and great aesthetics, is a wonderful solution for many adolescents and adults. Some advantages  of the  Invisible Orthodontics  include:

  • Confidence and convenience: the plastic aligners  can be removed for special events, if desired. This means that there are no photos with metal fixtures at events such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

  • Esthetic:  its clear and elegant design is an optimal choice for many patients

  • No dietary restrictions:  because  the aligners are removable, no need to take dietary precautions. You can keep eating all your favorite foods while undergoing the treatment!

  • Brush and floss with ease:  traditional appliances make cleaning around them difficult. Because  the aligners are  removable, you can brush and floss as usual

  • Cost:  Although the fees for any treatment may vary, the total cost of the  Invisible Orthodontics  it is comparable to traditional braces. Our financial options make planning your treatment easier than ever

  • Comfort:  no metal wires or brackets to get in your way so lips and cheeks are not likely to be irritated

  • Treatment time:  aligner treatment can be  in some cases a little longer, but with some procedures that we do in the  Martín Goenaga Clinic  aligner treatments can be  reduce up to 50%

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